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Fauna Salvaje en Acción is composed a group of people committed to the environment, whose mission is to publicise the Reserva Natural del Valle de Iruelas, located in Avila, one of the Natural Areas of Castilla y Leon which has greater biodiversity and some breathtaking scenery.

From here we commit to disclose the enormous biological potential that this place has to show its flagship wildlife, so you can watch and photograph it in the best possible conditions.

All our hides-observatories are located on a private estate of which we are owners, located in the heart of the Nature Reserve.

To carry out these activities in a natural area, an authorization is needed. Fauna Salvaje en Acción, has the corresponding authorizations issued by the Territorial Service of Environment of Avila.

“You can not evaluate, estimate nor love what is unknown. With each species extinguished by artificial causes, our home Mother Earth and mankind himself dies a Little more day by day. It is becoming more urgent and important than our generation and future generations know their inescapable interaction with the wilderness of their Planet, ultimately the only true home we have in the development of the universe. Only with our respectful and humble approach to the wild world we can we know who and what we are and where we go, because certainly we also belong to it, although in most cases we often forget.”