Hides Fauna Salvaje en Acción


Main fixed bunker hide intended for large raptors and carrion

It is located on a hillside overlooking gentle slope, facing northwest, with a view of the Valley over 15 km. This slope plungers after about 90 m and falls into depression whith is the Alberche River and Burguillo Reservoir located three hundred meters below.

This main fixed bunker hide-observatory is half buried in a small depression in the ground. It has an area of more than 7 m2 and holds three photographers very comfortable. It is equipped with a chemical toilet and is accessible to the disabled. For observation purposes it can accommodate eight people.

The window is 2.90 meters long by 0.90 meters wide, completely clear and reaching the ground outside. It is equipped with a thin transparent glass, neutral color, which allows taking pictures without loss of quality and brightness. 


Hide specific for large raptors

Located on high ground dominated by spectacular scenery as your background, at an altitude of 1150 meters above sea level.
The background extend to more than 20 km.
Perchers are located 15 and 18 meters away from the window.
Up to three photographers.
Northerly orientation. 


Hide specific to observe and photograph in flight

This comfortable wooden hide accommodates three photographers or six observers.

It is located on the edge of a precipice of about three hundred meters high, which gives views over much of the valley of the Alberche River and the Burguillo reservoir.

Its windows are equipped with a special transparent glass giving photos without loss of brightness and quality.

Both observation and photography from the observatory leaves one awestruck!


Terms and conditions to use the photography and observation hides

Complex of wildlife hides of Fauna salvaje en Acción, are located in a protected natural area, thus compliance with minimum standards of behavior are essential in order to enter.

Remember the wildlife always comes first.

Once inside the hides there are certain rules:

No person may leave the hide under any circumstance, except in the case of "extreme emergencies" long before taking any decisión, you must contact the guide by telephone or radio, so that one can be assisted in their needs.
You are not allowed to touch, clean or tap the glass once inside.
You must keep the mobile devices such as phones, computers and tablets,on silent or vibration mode.
No person may speak loudly or listen to the radio.
No person may smoke.
You cannot place any device outside the hide, unless by the expressed consent of the guide.
In any unforseen circumstances occur, you must contact and consult whith the guide, before taking any decision.
Hides sessions are for the whole day to photograph, or half a day for observation.

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